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Creating a photography wall in your home

Knowing how to take a great picture can make your photo wall pop with creativity.By Kristy Alpert

From showcasing your special memories on printed canvases throughout the season to turning family vacations into photography scavenger hunts, creating a photography wall is a great way to add a personal touch to your home without cluttering your space with picture frames.

Not a pro behind the lens? Don’t fret! Even arm chair photographers and novices with an iPhone camera can create captivating photography walls that pack a lot of punch and creativity. Here are a few tips on how to select the best poses and turn your photos into art worthy of your home gallery.

Getting the cool shot

It’s all about perspective. In addition to framing a shot of the family lined up at the gate of EPCOT, try capturing a zoomed-in texture shot of that famous sphere’s architecture. Other elements that look cool framed include doors, cobblestone pathways or even pictures of letters found throughout your travels that spell out your last name. Make finding these fun elements a family scavenger hunt!

Arranging the art

When it comes to framing your photos, you don’t have to be eclectic to get a creative mix in the gallery. Try choosing one color of frame and change up the sizes, textures, and materials of each frame for variety. Not enough photos to display? Pick your favorite frame and hang it empty to keep the mix interesting.

Keeping it fresh

To make your wall pop, try rearranging the photos every so often or taking pictures of your favorite spots during all four seasons to either display all at once or change out as the leaves turn.